Cartomizer V clearomizer

One problem for new vapers is all the terms they have to learn such as atomizer,clearomizer and cartomizer, it can be a lot of information to take in. I’ll try and help you out and explain some of the differences.
I just bought a new clearomizer from vape daily in the UK, they’re a new vape store with a wide range of clearomizers available so I’ll start with..

What is a clearomizer?

iclear 16 clearomizer

A clearomizer is ofcourse a clear tank. They have the tank compartment that holds the juice, this then goes into a wick which goes to the atomizer head. The coil then heats the liquid when you inhale and creates vapour.
The main difference compared to catomizers is that they don’t have material inside the tank and utilize a wick instead. This also makes them very easy to clean.
Clearomizers are normally easy to fill and come in small ones as low as 1.5 ml but you can get larger tanks that can take up to 3.5 ml or more.
A lot of the new clearomizer versions now come with replaceable coil heads also which give them a larger life.

As you begin to vape your clearomizer after time the coil will erode which decreases the resistance and means you’ll get less vapour produced. Don’t worry though as new coil heads can be bought cheaply, if you’re in the US misthub have them cheap here.
This makes it really cheap but not only that, it also means that you can rebuild your coils how you want them. As an example you can keep various different ohm’s and adjust depending the type of vape you want.

What is a cartomizer?


While cartomizers are similar to clearomizers there are some small differences that can make a huge difference on your vaping experience.
A cartomizer is a mix of the word atomizer and cartidge. A cartomizer is a tank that’s filled with polyfill material.
When someone talks about the cartomizer they can either mean a vaping one or a analog style type, both work the same but are used with different types of e cig batteries.
Some use horizontal which are very similar to dripping atomizers, the coil runs by a centre air path with the coil wrapped round the wicks. The wick gets the liquid from the material so the coils don’t have to touch the material in the tank. This stops you getting that nasty burnt taste when your liquid is running low.

Which is best, clearomizer or cartomizer?

Overall I prefer a clearomizer, now they come in a variety of different styles, you can get a top or bottom coil clearomizer to suit your needs. I’ve found that I prefer the taste using clearomizers too, especially when I’m using a variable voltage device with it.

Electronic Cigarettes Basics

There are many beginners that are not aware of the basics of e-cigarettes and how they are different from traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you are smoking cigarettes, you will find that there is no tar or harmful substances like carbon monoxide in traditional cigarettes. When you are smoking these eco-friendly cigarettes, you are not giving second hand smoke to anyone. There are non-flammable and you require no lighters. When you smoke e-cigarettes, you require no lighters as there is no ash or butts for you to dispose of. You will get no smoke only vapor is available on these devices.ecig

What Are The Constituents Of An E-Cigarette?

An e-cigarette is also known as a personal vaporizer or E-Cig. This cigarette works with the aid of a battery that gives you inhaled doses of nicotine via a solution that is a vaporized one. This cigarette is a healthy alternative to other tobacco products that you smoke in the market like cigars, pipes and cigarettes. Different companies refer these devices by different names. Some common terms are E-Fag, Nicotine Vaporizer, Smoking Device and more.

The E-cigarette comes in three different parts. They are-

  1. A source of power – here there is a wire or a battery that draws the power from the USB port.
  2. An atomizer- this is the part that contains the heating element of the device
  3. The cartridge- this is the part that has the material for storing the liquid.

There are some e-cigarette brands that combine the cartridge and the atomizer together in a single piece. They are called cartomizers.

Save Costs- Enhance Self Esteem

When it comes to the cost of e-cigarettes, they are less expensive than their traditional counterparts available in the market are. In the long run, you also can get cheap insurance rates as you cease to be a tobacco user. This gives you improved health and better self esteem. You no longer fall under the stigma of being a smoker. There are no risks of having burnt holes in the sofas, carpet and clothing. You will also not get the smell of cigarettes in your hair or clothes any longer. Your breath is also fresh and you get the best when it comes to health and looks too.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that e-cigarettes give you the best when it comes to health and the prevention of harmful toxins entering your body.